Great Events. Lots of Love. No Bullshit.

stereolove GmbH (German for LLC) is an event marketing and live communications agency from Braunschweig, Germany. We are creative perfectionists, determined libertines and hardworking movers and shakers. Here’s what we can do:


We strive to never trust obvious approaches and to always break frontiers. That’s why, during our process, we force ourselves to let go of stereotypes and be innovative, even unconventional.


We help customers, brands and products in developing custom-tailored solution in the field of live marketing. We are constantly chasing trends and work with the zeitgeist in mind.


We shape open space, paper and screen. By doing this in-house, we make sure to create a consistent and recognizable look throughout the entire project. From promotion to the final event area, flawlessly.


With lots of love for the endless details of the process, we work in five phases: Creation, Conception, Planning, Production and Analysis. That way, we are able to craft events that trigger emotion and unique memories.

One Event. Countless Moments. Always Live.

With our unique set of skills, we create extraordinaire events and campaigns – seeded by the idea, nurtured with care and harvested succefully. Some examples:

Corporate Events

For our esteemed corporate customers, stereolove’s passionate project managers orchestrate emotional and authentic moments. Be it internal incentives or customer events – with lots of love for details, we embrace your goals and make them our first priority. Promise! Make sure to ask our customers: Volkswagen, ThyssenKrupp, Volksbank BraWo, Braunschweigische Landessparkasse, an many more.

Public Events

We love our beautiful home town of Braunschweig, Germany and take pride in repeatedly stunning its people with amazing event formats. The biannual Mensa Party is to this date, the only real student party of the city, while the open air festival Holi Braunschweig has welcomed some over 34,000 happy guests over the last three years, counting!

Live? Communications?

How does an event become an instrument of live communications. An event, lacking a message and emotions is just like fast food. Yes, it gets the job done, but do we really enjoy it? With our experience and creative we see our events like delicious, five-star dinners that stimulate all senses.


We just love when a plan works out.In “live”, there is no second try – the same way an event is always live! Those emotions are truly as precious as unfakeable.


We put the message in front! We only talk, when we have a story to tell. That is how we transport a brand message, create experiences and long lasting emotions.